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Sole Mission: To help spread the adoption of Bitcoin & other Cryptocurrencies by stamping as much dirty fiat as we possibly can. 

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A $1 bill stays in circulation for 18 months; $5 bill, two years; $10 bill, three years; $20 bill, four years; and $50 and $100 bills, nine years. $1 & $5 bills change hands on average 110 times per year!

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We keep it simple here. We sell one product. One stamp. Use a credit card to purchase or buy with crypto!

Is it legal?

According to StampStampede.org, the stamping of U.S. currency is protected as "expressive conduct" under the First Amendment as long as it does not promote a specific candidate or business. Bitcoin is neither.

What Are Others Saying?

Stamping 10 bills a day, getting them into circulation quickening the pace of bitcoin cryptocurrency adoption.

Eric A.

I just stamped my 1,000th bill. The red ink is still fresh.

Alex M.

Genius! Great way to help spread adoption. Any new form of awarness is always good for Bitcoin.

Ashley R.

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